Housing & Homelessness

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth: Learning from Washington State to Maximize California’s Historic Investment

Last updated Sep, 28 2022

A Virtual Policy Briefing Hosted by State Senator Anna Caballero and John Burton Advocates for Youth

Over the last 5 years, California has invested $533 million in addressing homelessness among youth, helping serve more than 11,000 youth. While this has greatly expanded the state’s capacity to address youth homelessness and represents significant progress, how do we measure this progress? How close are we to functionally ending youth homelessness?

The briefing panel featured lessons from A Way Home Washington, where 10 communities in Washington State are on their way to achieving functional zero youth homelessness and have the data capability needed to measure data and progress in real-time.

The panel also featured Community Solutions, the team behind the national Built for Zero initiative focused on measurably and equitably ending homelessness. Built for Zero has supported 14 communities to reach functional zero and works in close partnership with A Way Home Washington.