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Student Mental Health

An estimated 90% of children in foster care have experienced a traumatic event, with nearly half reporting exposure to four or more traumatic events.

For current and former foster youth seeking to heal this trauma, access to mental health services is often limited. JBAY works to ensure foster youth in higher education can access mental health services at this important life stage.


In 2018, JBAY, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and local community colleges came together to develop strategies to provide better support for the mental health needs of foster youth attending college in Los Angeles.

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From this emerged a model for enhanced referral partnerships between campus foster youth programs and a local mental health service provider.

With technical assistance from JBAY, eleven community colleges in Los Angeles County have developed partnerships with mental health providers to offer co-located services and enhanced referral networks. By making long-term mental health support accessible for foster youth, these partnerships have helped hundreds of students to access mental health services.