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JBAY has successfully advocated for the passage of 52 legislative reforms that have resulted in over $3.6 billion in new state investment for youth who have been in foster care or homeless. Key victories have included the expansion of foster care from age 18 to 21; increased investment in campus support programs at all community colleges, California State University campuses, and University of California campuses; the expansion of state investment in housing for former foster youth; key financial aid reforms resulting in higher rates of college attendance among foster youth; and the establishment of the California Foster Youth Tax Credit.

$3.6 billion in new state investment

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650 organizations 2,200 hours of technical assistance

Training and Technical Assistance

JBAY works closely with counties, campuses, and community-based organizations to ensure the full implementation of policies adopted at the state level. JBAY does this by providing technical assistance and training, which takes the form of no-cost consultation, educational curricula, toolkits, regional workshops, web seminars, and communities of practice. In 2020, JBAY provided over 2,200 hours of technical assistance and training to 650 organizations across California.


JBAY conducts research to develop smart, targeted policy solutions and to determine whether adopted policies have had their intended effect. In the last two years, JBAY has issued 14 publications to inform the field and increase knowledge about how to best serve youth who have been in foster care or homeless. Recent highlights include the THP-NMD/Plus Annual Report, a report on youth homelessness, a survey about the impact of the pandemic on foster youth, and a best practice publication about meeting the basic needs of college students.

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105 research publications

Because of you, I had the opportunity to make a positive difference in my students’ lives. Because of you, many are safe with a roof over their heads.”

Rosemary Touyanou at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California
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Because of JBAY’s passionate advocacy for vital higher education legislation… I am working on my degree and upon completion I will be transferring to law school to pursue a legal career…

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