Turning Dreams Into Degrees: A Training for Social Workers and Probation Officers on Support Foster Youth Matriculation

Last updated Mar, 29 2022

Turning Dreams into Degrees:

A Training for Social Workers and Probation Officers on Supporting Foster Youth Matriculation

This four and a half hour training will equip social workers and probation officers with the necessary tools and information to support the youth in their care to successfully matriculate into postsecondary education, including Career and Technical Education (CTE), 2-year and 4-year pathways. Attendees of this course will be able to:

1) Recognize the role of trauma on educational outcomes;

2) Deconstruct the common misconceptions that perpetuate implicit bias;

3) Describe the different postsecondary education pathways;

4) Demonstrate how to engage and motivate young people around college and career exploration;

5) Identify key educational planning milestones in middle school and high school;

6) Demonstrate a broad understanding of the financial aid process and key considerations for foster youth;

7) Understand the educational resources available to foster youth across K-12 and higher education;

8) Utilize teaming to successfully implement SB 12 and create a cross-system college-going culture; and

9) Integrate college and career planning into core social work practices, such as the CFTM, TILP and Court Report.

Trainer Materials

Trainer’s Guide- Coming Soon!

PowerPoint Slides – These slides include detailed trainer’s notes as well as instructions for facilitating interactive activities.

Supporting Materials This link includes all the supporting materials for social workers or probation officers attending this training.

AUDIENCE: This course is designed for case carrying social workers and probation officers and their supervisors who serve youth in middle school and high school.