November 1, 2022

Donor Spotlight: JBAY Board Member Pat Dodson – A Lifetime of Service and Beyond

Donor Spotlight: JBAY Board Member Pat Dodson – A Lifetime of Service and Beyond

Pat Dodson never imagined being able to make a significant financial contribution to a nonprofit organization like John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY). Through a combination of hard work and good fortune, she is helping young people today and into the future. 

As a child, her father worked as a waiter. Although he didn’t make much money, he shared his tips with the busboys and cooks. “Even though we were just getting by, I admired my father’s perspective– some people earned less than he did and he was in a position to help them.” 

With this perspective, Pat pursued a career as a social worker in Los Angeles County. She then went on to serve as a professional staff member on the Select Committee on Aging in the U. S. House of Representatives, and later in the district office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When she retired, she made her first and only stock investment. Ten years later, to her surprise, she found herself in a position to make some charitable contributions. She wanted to find a nonprofit that she could support, one that assisted young people who had limited opportunities to reach their potential. She decided to set her focus on homeless youth and youth aging out of foster care. She chose JBAY and has generously contributed with an annual gift as well as a planned gift from her estate. Last year she became JBAY’s newest board member.

According to Director of Development Corrine Levy, Pat’s commitment to JBAY has shone through. “Pat is a pleasure to work with. She is engaged in understanding our work and has invited many friends to join her in supporting JBAY.  We are fortunate to have her passion, enthusiasm and creative ideas as part of our leadership team.”  

Pat felt especially drawn to JBAY because of its major accomplishments on a statewide level. “What sets JBAY apart is their research into state laws to assess needed programs and funding so that more young people can pursue college or training programs. JBAY’s staff works closely with the legislature to achieve many legislative objectives.”

“I am proud that my donation and planned gift to JBAY have inspired numerous contributions as people learn about JBAY’s exceptional work.”

Not everyone has the financial ability to support causes that they care about. Fortunately, Pat has a golden opportunity to give back, and we are grateful that she choses to make a lasting mark on JBAY.