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From Crisis to Concrete Supports – Emergency Pandemic Relief Policies are Here to Stay for California’s Transition Age Youth

Apr 25, 2023
FROM 8.30AM - 4.30PM

During the Covid-19 pandemic several temporary or emergency measures were enacted to protect and promote the wellbeing of California’s transition-aged youth (TAY) experiencing foster care, homelessness, and those disconnected from work and school. This workshop reviews temporary policies including tax relief (stimulus and credits); direct cash transfers (cash cards for foster youth, educational financial aid, other emergency relief funds provided through philanthropic efforts); housing and rent relief (moratorium on exits from foster care, transitional and permanent housing investments); and access to technology and communications (internet, phone, and computer connectivity); and their status in becoming permanent concrete supports, vital to the economic, physical, and mental well-being of California’s Gen-Z.

The Presenters

Please join John Burton Advocates for Youth for this upcoming conference.