JBAY Events

2023 Bills and Budget Requests

Apr 12, 2023
FROM 10.00AM - 12.00PM

Join us for a discussion of the 2023 priority legislation and budget requests for the upcoming fiscal year intended to provide additional support for children and caregivers served by our child welfare system.

The Alliance for Children’s Rights, joined by California Alliance of Children and Family Services, California Coalition for Youth, California Tribal Families Coalition, Children’s Law Center of California, Children Now, County Welfare Directors Association of California and John Burton Advocates for Youth, will provide an overview of legislative and budget proposals promoting stability for youth in care. Panelists will discuss proposals supporting caregivers, young children, and older youth in foster care.

The Presenters

Please join John Burton Advocates for Youth for a webinar discussing priority legislation and budget requests in 2023 to support children and caregivers.