Our Team

Anna Johnson

Associate Director, Housing and Health

Anna Johnson is the Associate Director of Housing and Health for John Burton Advocates for Youth. Previously, Anna focused on reducing over medication and hyper-incarceration of youth and improving access to community and therapeutic services. Anna works with young adults and current youth in care to ensure their voices influence policies that affect them. Providing services, care, and attention to youth who live under the daily stress of violence, poverty, and other forms of abuse can help young people build resiliency and thrive in the short and long term. Anna holds degrees from UC-Berkeley (MPP), UW-Madison (BA-Social Work) and U-Penn (Urban Ed). Follow @AnnaMaureen83 on Twitter.

Passion for this work originated from 6 years of classroom experience in public schools. Prior to working in policy, Anna taught at Urban Promise Academy in Oakland Unified School District, at Potter Thomas Bilingual Academy in Philadelphia, and in Madison, Wisconsin serving youth and families experiencing homelessness in the CASPER program. As a teacher, Anna witnessed how traumatic experiences, stress, poverty, and environmental factors impact children’s development and relationships. Creating and maintaining a safe, supportive classroom environment was the primary focus of their work as an educator. Anna remains proud of her students’ accomplishments and leadership in their communities.